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SmarTwin AI™: The Mavericks of AI Automation for AEC-O AI and the
Built Worlds Digital Twin branding.

Welcome to SmarTwin AI™, where we don't just follow the script—we rewrite it. Nestled at the intersection of innovation and disruption, we're an AI Built Worlds AAA consultancy (AI Automation Agency) hell-bent on revolutionizing how the AEC-O industry sees data.
Our crew of trailblazing AI Copilots, machine learning whizzes, and linguistic maestros aren't just pushing buttons; they're pushing boundaries. We specialize in transforming the deluge of data into strategic goldmines, empowering businesses to make decisions that aren't just smart—they're SmarTwin smart.


Our Story

We have over 20 years communicating technical concepts to those outside of the 3D modeling world, and building facilities operations. The SmarTwin AI™ team can help improve your property's revenue creation and sustainability for better energy cost outcomes. 

Our Mission

Our digital world detaches us from our shared human experiences. Architecture and buildings bring us together. SmarTwin AI™ builds the bridge between the built world and the digital world to strengthen our human connections.  

Our Vision

Our goal is to give our customers a customer-centric and immersive simulation space starting with building construction all the way through to the  as-built community space. You leverage SmarTwin AI™ + the construction digital twin all the way through to the building branding FORTNITE Metaverse paired with a facility Digital Twin

All of the above has the goal of driving the better outcomes for your physical building's spaces and events to with increased increase on-site revenue.

We combine your physical space with a digital version to create revenue producing "Phygital" spaces. 


Provide your Building's 2D or 3D plans and we will use SmarTwin AI™ to convert it into a Digital Twin versions for different use cases such as a building branding enabled FORTNITE Metaverse!


Who are we

How it works

SmarTwin AI™

SmarTwin AI™ converts your 2D or 3D building plans to a FORTNITE Metaverse with an optional facility Digital Twin. We help build the space for metaverse events to create community and revenue with RevOps integration for better end-to-end sales & marketing.


Partners that Scale

With our developers and the Globant FORTNITE development team we can scale to any project size. Same goes for digital twins with the Siemens Xcelerator for your buildings portfolio. We harness the power of
SmarTwin AI™, data "tiger teams" and the latest technology to enable our customers to accelerate their "phygital" transformation. Globant is 24K employees strong and along with Epic Games to round out our trio of partners develops Fortnite. Globant also helps create Minecraft, Metaverses and other top "AAA" Games.

How it works
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Tel: 631-303-7631

595 Baltic Street, Suite 7F

Brooklyn, NY 11217

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