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Get a WELL Certification - Biophilia

Biophilia supports the idea that humans have an affinity towards the natural world. Evidence on the emotional and psychological benefits of nature is mounting. Research indicates that the experience of nature or nature-derived patterns can improve experience, mood and happiness.

What we do?

We always look ahead to the next 12 months in our industry by an adjust our best array of products and services. Branded as being ‘healthy building’, is becoming increasingly important for those on the inside of the building operations digital movement in order to sign-up more tenants and retain those you already have.

We help you gather all you building plans. We then Digitize and create a 3D model.


You can discuss with your operations team how adding multiple workflow templates can be applied to your digital twin.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Share your building as-built files

  2. Determine the LOD (Level of Detail) needed for your 3D model of Twin

  3. Provide connection information for sensor data

  4. Chose preferred dashboard layout

  5. Start improving your building's operational efficiency and saving money

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